Phenomenon(z) of Feminisms

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The Phenomenon(s) of Feminisms
Feminism isn't just political it is looking at issues as your child.
This site is a space for voice, concerned with issues surrounding women. These issues include: gender, class, GLBT, feminisms, etc. (Isn't any issue a feminist issue??) Feel free to post anything on this site that is pertaining to the issues Feminism is concerned about. Where is feminism going on the future? Where is feminism now? What is global Feminism, is this obtainable? What is the definition of Feminism, should there be one? What issues concern feminism? What are the theories of feminism? What kind of feminists are out there? Who is right who is wrong? Should we be pointing fingers? counter-productivity? Reworking feminist thought? Is Feminism the right word? Are men the problem or do women perpetuate the system? Is identity important? What is good, or bad, about feminism?

This site was created for future generations around the world to have a way to connect over Feminism and define and understand each others issues and concerns. This site is maintained by the Colorado State University's Office of Women's Programs and Studies as a section of their "Global Feminisms?" capstone class.

This site was created By Jessica Kamp 2008 Alumni